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Oriental Motion

Oso Suave

Sari started belly dancing under the tutelage of Svetlana Skrchinskaya in Japan in 2007. She became a teacher at Belly’s Lana Institute in 2009, where she was also their main dancer. She has attended numerous workshops, and has broadened her knowledge of oriental dancing. She is a professional dancer and specializes in dancing and expressing herself beyond bellydancing as a genre. She now teaches all over Halifax and surrounding areas, and performs all over Maritimes as well as has experience performing in Montreal and Toronto.

Oso Suave also know as Oso, his main style of street dance is Popping. Being inspired by The King of Pop and discovering the Electric Boogaloos as his teachers, he decided embark on the journey to learn popping.

Middle-East meets West! It’s a showdown of dance styles from totally different cultural origin. Bellydance performer Sari and Popping performer Oso will meet head-to-head for a dance-off and explores the possibility of unity of the two styles seemingly incompatible. Sari, performing Bellydance, and Oso, the performer of street dance style called Popping, will meet head-to-head for an exciting, culturally diverse dance-off! They will explore the difference between the two fundamentally distinct dance styles, and discover the ways for the two to work together in harmony.

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