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1 JULY 2018

Fuse Festival Halifax

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[ About The Festival ]

The Fuse Festival is a celebratory dance festival taking place July 1st 2017 at the Halifax Commons.  We want to celebrate Canada’s diversity through dance. Presenting both professional and community dance performances this festival is a chance to explore the manifold of Canadian culture. Engagement and participation is highly encouraged so join us in the celebration this Canada Day and bring your best dance moves!

Our mission is to feature Canada’s cultural diversity and creativity through dance by combining community and artistic excellence.

Our vision is to bring together Canadians of all cultural backgrounds through a shared cultural dance experience across many genres.

Express. Share. Celebrate. Explore.

[ Who Are We? Why Fuse? ]

Fuse Festival is being navigated by us at Atlantic Flamenco Productions (AFP), a nonprofit Halifax based organization whose mandate is to promote and disseminate flamenco and Spanish culture in the Atlantic region. We have taken on Fuse Festival as a new special pilot project in frame of  Canada’s 150th celebrations and our focus is dance.

We originally brainstormed about finding common ground between our Spanish Flamenco culture and other cultures present in Canada and out of this idea,  a much broader one was born: THE FUSE FESTIVAL – a celebration and opportunity to bring cultures together to express, celebrate, and explore diversity through dance.


Maria Osende
Artistic Director

Lisa Cocharne

Christopher Comeau
Graphic/Web Design

Steering Committe

Ashley Clark-Kelloway
Brigitte Aucoin
Kawama Kaseutu
Liliona Quarmyne
Magali Dam
Rana Zaman
Robin Muller
Tanisha Chakma
Ute Fiedler

Board of Directors

Atlantic Flamenco Productions

Janice Godin –  Chair
Juan M Encinas – Treasurer
Wendy Rogers – Secretary
Ashley Clark-Kelloway
Robin Muller
David Parker
Merly Prennt
Wendy Rogers

Maria Osende - Artistic Director

Maria Osende, our artistic director, is a highly accomplished dance professional versed in flamenco, ballet and contemporary dance. She danced professionally for over a decade as a soloist with the National Ballet of Spain and the Berlin Ballet in Germany. Maria came to Canada and made her home the East Coast in 2003. She is the founder and artistic director of Atlantic Flamenco Productions, producers of the Atlantic Flamenco Festival,  the Maria Osende Flamenco Co. and our new Fuse Festival. Maria is also the recipient of the prestigious “Established Artist Recognition Award” by Arts Nova Scotia and the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council.

As both an entrepreneur and a performer, Maria has a broad understanding of the arts and culture sector in Nova Scotia. Having travelled the world as a dancer, she also has the benefit of a global perspective. Maria sees herself as one of the many artists in Nova Scotia who contribute to our rich cultural diversity.

The Fuse Festival is a perfect opportunity for everyone to learn more about dance and to celebrate and experience the various dance forms in our province.

Learn more about Maria here.

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