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Dance Workshop

Discover African and Afro-Latin Dance

Our first FREE interactive session takes place this Sunday, May 7 from 2 to 4pm. The Afro-Latin Dance session will look at 3 aspects of African dance: from traditional African dance, to contemporary dance influenced by an African aesthetic followed by Afro-Cuban partner dancing here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Traditional dance forms are constantly changing and growing, evolving into new forms. Session 1 looks at African dance as a living dance form, examining how it has influenced other forms of dance both in Africa and North America. No dance form is ever static – it’s an ever evolving form of cultural expression informed by history, politics, geography and outside cultural influences. Coincidentally, few people can remain static while watching African and Cuban dance and listening to the rhythm of the music. So join the Fuse Festival team at the Halifax Central Library, for the Afro-Cuban dance session, and free dance lessons! They are open to all ages and abilities.


Our “DANCE FUSE @ LIBRARY” series will be entertaining, informative and fun. Each group will make a short dance presentation, discuss the history and evolution of their particular dance form. Finally we will invite the public to join them in learning some basic dance movements.