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SICAM -South Indian Cultural Association of the Maritimes

SICAM commemorates their roots by celebrating their diversity, culture and festivals, which are enjoyed equally by adults and children. SICAM provides a forum for people of South Indian origin where they can connect with the people of same origin, who shares common languages, festivals, convictions and cultural similarities. SICAM will perform Thiruvathirakali, which is a very popular group dance of Kerala a southern State of India. Thiruvathirakali is performed by women often during harvest festival of Kerala, Onam. The dance is a celebration of marital fidelity and the female energy.

SICAM website

Nruthiya Saagaram (Bharathanatyam)

Bharathanatyam, one of 8 Indian Classical dances, a divine art rich in culture and mythical stories. Students of Josephine Nithya Babou will be presenting Pushpanjali set in Raagam Attana and Taalam Kandam. The dancers have been learning this dance form since 2013 under the guidance of Josephine. They are all geared up to mesmerize you with their opening performance for July 1st.

Bharathanatyam, one of the oldest forms of dance, originating from India, is an intrinsic, challenging and a divine art form. Their 5 budding dancers of Halifax are here to present Pushpanjali. This beautiful dance is performed at the beginning of a dance recital to seek the blessings of God, Guru and the audience. The dancers enter the stage with folded hands carrying flowers to welcome the audience with showers of flowers for a colorful day of dance performances.

Nruthiya Saagaram Facebook page

Vesal: Milan- Indo Iranian Fusion

Darshini Shah
Tanisha Chakma
Setareh Lahsee
Esha Naik

Darshini Shah started learning Indian dance at the age of 8 and it has been her passion ever since. She has 15 years of experience teaching dance, choreography and performance. Darshini is dedicated to preserving the goodness of the culture that she carries while also spreading positive messages and happiness to others.

Tanisha Chakma was born and raised in Bangladesh and started learning traditional dances at the age of 13. She is a lover of all things Bollywood. Bollywood music and dance have been an integral part of her life from a very early age.

Setareh Lahsee was born and raised in Iran and came to Halifax in 2010. She always enjoyed dancing as a child, but started professional training in dance after she joined a group of Bollywood dancers at Dalhousie University. During Setarehs undergraduate studies, she continued my training in Bollywood and hip hop and finally in 2012 she established her own Iranian dance classes in partnership with the Dalhousie Iranian Student Society (DISS). Iranian dance is an ancient and mystical style, dating back to the ceremonies and rituals of the Persian empire in 200 BCE; yet, it has rarely been studied and performed in Canada. Since 2012, she has been providing training in Persian and Folk Iranian dances to students and community members.

Esha Naik was born in Nashik, India. She has been trained in one of the classical dance styles of India- “Kathak” for 17 years and since went on to graduation in it. Esha is a disciple of “Guru VidyaHari Deshpande”; and has also been trained by Pt. Birju Maharaj and Pt. Suresh dada Talwalkar.

Their dance piece will bring together Classical Persian Dance, and two classical dance forms from India, Bharatanatyam and Kathak. “Vesal” and “Milan” both mean “union,” in Farsi and Hindi respectively. This performance is thus a meeting point for temple dance and courtly dance, the ancient and the new, dance of the South and dance of the North, of India and of Iran. They will demonstrate all three styles — first in succession, then simultaneously — to celebrate Indo-Iranian dances.

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Twitter: @tanishachakma