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Latispánica Cultural Association (South American Folk Dance)

Latispánica Cultural Association participates in many cultural events through the year, supports cultural associations and is a member of the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia. Latispánica is working towards of creating a Hispanic Cultural Centre which would be open to everyone and dedicated to the celebration of Spanish culture and language, and the strengthening of the Hispanic community in Halifax.

Latispánica website

Free to Move Dance School (Cuban Style Salsa)

Dancers Brigitte Aucoin (Free to Move Dance School) and her Cuban partner Julio Fernandez will be performing the “Rumba Guaguancó” and the “Reaggaeton”, a couple dance often referred to as the courtship of a rooster and hen, and danced in good fun as a type of dancing game. How has African dance travelled across the Atlantic and influenced popular partner dancing in the Caribbean and North America? They will also led the audience into a dance along session

Free to Move website

East Coast Salsa (North American Style Salsa, Tango & Fusion)

East Coast Salsa Connection aims to highlight the talent of our community, by developing skilled salsa dancers and allowing them to grow to their full potential as artists. To allow for this development, we have created a progressive dance team with the intention of building strong technical abilities within the dancers, and an opportunity to learn a competitive salsa routine. They aim to perform locally and compete on national and international stages.